Fanax: the Mycenaean term for "king"; pronounced "wanax". The funny initial letter, "F", is called digamma and shows up in Archaic Greek epigraphy (papyrus and tablet writings). The sound, if not the letter form, and its linguistic equivalent initially show up in the heiroglyphic writings (Linear B) of Bronze Age Greece both at Pylos, in the far west of Greece (Peloponnese), and at Knossos in north central Crete, the funny "F". Specifically, digamma shows up in the Greek of Homer's Iliad with the word "F"anax, but there it's a "rough breathing" in the form "(h)anax", where the term is linked to an important individual at Pylos. In Classical and Hellenistic Greek, the F continues in this aspirant, or "h" sound, form at the beginning of many Greek words.

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July 27, 2012 ·

As the Good Book notes, charity without ????? is false, a sin (and a slap to the Greek language).  It's also contra-Biblical, which is no suprise, if you actually pay attention to God's word.  Thanks to a friend of a friend (Ken Bagnull) for this passage from 2 Samuel 24:24:

"But the king replied to Araunah, 'No, I insist on paying you for it. I will not sacrifice to the LORD my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.'"

Seriously, how does anyone believe that giving from someone else's wallet is charitible?

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on war prayers

January 21, 2012 ·

A lift from Norman Horn this morning:

"Almighty king of Sabaoth, that is, of armies, you determine both war and peace for the regions of the earth by means of your angels appointed for the task. You gave new heart and strength to the boy David, so that although he was small, without weapons, and unskilled in war he attacked and overthrew the giant Goliath with a sling. If we are fighting for a just cause, if we are forced to fight, I pray you, first, to turn the hearts of our enemies to the desire for peace, so that no Christian blood may be spilt upon the earth; or to spread the fear that men call panic; or to let victory be gained with the least shedding of blood and the smallest loss by those whose cause is more pleasing to you, so that the war may be quickly concluded and we may sing songs of triumph with one accord to you, who reign in all and above all. Amen."
-- Erasmus, "Some New Prayers" (CWE, 69:137)

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Christ and Muslims

June 10, 2011 ·

An excellent piece that cuts through so much emotional rhetoric and really zeroes in on social and political truths and then holds it all up to the light of the true Christ.  Just excellent.

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the existence of God

September 15, 2010 ·

Really interesting write-up after last month's broohaha over Hawking's revised theory of why God doesn't exist.

"So don’t despair, my fellow theists! The recent slew of best-selling books by atheists attacking religion, supposedly using science, is their last gasp. Remember the great words of Gandhi: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

"We theists are now at stage three."

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